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Trainwest Management and Consulting, Inc. | Vancouver, BC

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ABOUT Trainwest

An Authorized Sandler Training Center



Innovative and effective training can put the sales professional a step ahead of the competition, and provide the path to attaining professional goals. Trainwest Management and Consulting Inc, an Authorized Licensee of Sandler Training, is committed to offering you innovative and effective training through its powerful public and private in-house training programs.

President & CEO of Trainwest

About Our Trainer

Randy Hnatko, is President of Trainwest, Management and Consulting Inc. a Sales and Management Training and Consulting organization affiliated with Sandler Training. Randy has over 37 year’s senior business experience, and is a Trainer, Speaker, Author and Consultant to domestic and international companies. He is a multiple award winner in the Sandler organization, being awarded the Canadian Franchisee of the Year Nine (9) Times.

Randy has trained many individuals ranging from small to medium sized companies and up to Fortune 500 companies helping individuals and companies improve and exceed their overall sales and profit performance targets.

With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Commerce, and a Masters of Business Administration with specialties in International Business, International Management and Culture, Randy believes national culture influences how managers and employees make decisions and interpret their roles.

Differences between cultures create important opportunities for growth and development, but can also cause serious problems if they are not understood. Today individuals need to have cross cultural skills combined with the proper on-going training, coaching and support network in order to succeed.

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Customized Reinforcement-Based Training

What We Do

Our core business is based on Business Consulting and Training specializing in helping individuals and organizations maximize on stakeholder value. At Trainwest Management and Consulting Inc, we believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to gather and analyze information to ensure the development of the optimum strategy for their unique requirements.

A recent Harvard Business School study determined that businesses which are considering engaging outsourced services have on major concern: Will the service-provider really understand their business and the particular problems and challenges they face? We overcome this concern with an intensive assessment session prior to beginning any work together which allows us to determine exactly what your needs are and to respond by suggesting training, seminars, groups and "workouts" that are appropriate to those needs.

Proudly providing Sales Training, Management Training, Leadership Training and Customer Service Training, Coaching & Consulting Services throughout Vancouver, Victoria and across Canada.

Largest Training Group in the World

Why We Use Sandler Training

The Sandler Selling System represents a totally new approach to client development and retention and is built on an altogether different sales model.

Through continued support and follow-up sessions, Sandler Training helps sales professionals and management executives fulfill personal and organizational goals, from initial hiring decisions to performance evaluations, from building and executing strategic sales plans to motivating people to achieve them, from understanding information technologies to tailoring these powerful tools to support clients’ specific opportunities.

Using our unequalled network of 220 Sandler Training centers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, Sandler can customize our proven, supportive, reinforcement-based approach to help you at basic and advanced levels.

The Sandler Selling System is incredibly powerful and has been an established leader in the field for over 40 years; Entrepreneur Magazine has named the Sandler Sales Institute, five times, as having the #1 Management Training Programs.